Are you ready to make some noise? Brace yourselves, because it’s Trump vs Biden – the grand spectacle – the crypto brawl of the century! For the next thrilling 10 weeks, you have the chance to become a part of an unprecedented event. To start off, you can get ahead of the curve and join the pre-sale frenzy. Here’s your opportunity to choose your champion – your token of choice – and give a monumental start to this project extending until November 5th, 2024.

But that’s not all. The spoils of this adventure are indeed bountiful. Prepare yourselves for mind-blowing rewards that stretch up to, and include, the grand Vault Opening Day. Yes, you heard it right. We’re talking about the crypto version of Valhalla, a place where every hodler will be rewarded. Furthermore, one lucky participant will have the honor of being anointed as the Pres of the USA in the crypto universe.

So come one, come all – buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through the thrills and spills of the crypto world. Since this journey, folks, will be nothing short of epic! To cap it off, let’s blast off together into the digital cosmos for a rendezvous with destiny!




The protocol actively purchases and incinerates tokens, dispatching them to the oblivion of the dead wallet. A consistent 2% of all transactions are dedicated to this cause, perpetually diminishing the number of tokens in circulation, and fostering an environment of scarcity and value.



Empowers us to soar, embellishing our token with innovative features, standout dAPPs, unique applications, and exhilarating ventures. Your support serves as the catalyst, enabling sophisticated development and assisting in the indispensable settlement of listing fees.



The Vault – the hibernation hub for assets, in suspended animation until their grand emergence. On Nov. 5th, 2024, it’s party time, a jubilant jubilee for all the steadfast hodlers who’ve stayed the course. Get ready for a spectacle that will undoubtedly create waves in the cryptoverse!

We fervently encourage all participants to firstly delve into our comprehensive tokenomics, followed by our thorough audit and whitepaper. These critical documents present an intriguing narrative that cleverly weaves together everything we’ve observed, absorbed, and relished during our journey. In essence, they encapsulate the wisdom derived from retaining the gems, rectifying the missteps, and fabricating an awe-inspiring project. Moreover, this project is destined to flourish for years to come. Consequently, we strongly suggest you embark on this enlightening read in order to truly understand the ethos of our endeavor.

Stage 1: Preparation & Groundwork

Genesis of the Idea ✅

Formulation of Core Team ✅

Whitepaper Completion ✅

Development of the Smart Contract ✅

Launch Website 🛠️

Verification of the Contract on BSCScan 🛠️

Pre-Launch Token Sale 🛠️

Retain Telegram (TG) and Discord Admins 🛠️

Ongoing Token Sale 🛠️

Achieving $500k MarketCap 🛠️

Initiation of Strategic Partnerships 🛠️

Start Work on NFT Project 🛠️

Announce Winner of Presale 🛠️

Stage 2: Public Token Release

Creation of Token, Winner TBA 🛠️

Release free minting of NFT Collection 🛠️

Airdrop to all pre-sale hodlers 🛠️

Open up Staking rewards protocol 🛠️

Completion of Smart Protocol for Vault 🛠️

Release updated white pages and map 🛠️

Start vote to earn protocol 🛠️

Update website UI w/wallet rewards 🛠️

Continue Marketing campaign 🛠️

Achieving $1M MarketCap 🛠️

Initiation of Strategic Partnerships 🛠️

Vote on next NFT project 🛠️

Announce NFT collection category 🛠️

Stage 3: NFT launch & Vault Open

Begin 2nd NFT Collection 🛠️

Merchandise release 🛠️

Reach out to DNC/RNC for collaboration 🛠️

Live interview with candidate 🛠️

Initiate NFT P2E Protocol 🛠️

TBA Features Inc. Vault Release 🛠️