About us

Whether you’re flying the flag for Team Trump or going all in for Biden, there’s an undeniable fact – politics has never sizzled with as much excitement as it does with these two political titans in the arena. In light of this high-voltage face-off, I’m thrilled to introduce an inventive fusion of politics and blockchain – a deflationary meme token that’s on track to create a veritable tsunami in both the crypto sphere and the presidential elections!

The venture is a community-driven enterprise, beginning with a cool 100 billion tokens, 90 billion of which will be up for grabs during our pre sale slated to start 00:00 UTC June 16th. But hold onto your hats because here’s where we switch gears. Rather than an inflationary token, we’ve chosen the hyper-deflationary path, ensuring a decreasing supply over time, all thanks to the innovative economics we’ve embedded into our smart contract.

Now, imagine NFT collection creation… but not just one. Oh no, we’re talking about an entire series of the funniest, most intriguing, and downright humorous collections. We’ve partnered with some of the most brilliant graphic artists around to create an array of NFTs, all absolutely free to mint. Every month brings a fresh collection, always capped at 9998, with two additional unique, one-off NFTs that could be minted by pure luck or by deciphering a cryptic, faux narrative. These rare gems will be highly coveted in the meme cosmos.

Each NFT holder has the option to sell or retain their digital asset until election night. When that night arrives, the crème de la crème NFTs from each collection will battle it out for a very special prize. Let’s just say it’s not a monetary reward, but a potential special trip featuring a camera, handshake, and a tour of a certain prestigious, eggshell-hued building.

Then there’s the matter of staking to vote in governance and substantial token burns for those ready to throw their hat into the ring in the grand meme election. Picture yourself casting your vote for the future Crypto President on the Blockchain. Washington D.C. may boast about the White House, but we’re busy constructing the Blockchain Meme House. Who will reign supreme? The decision lies in your hands on November 5, 2024!

Let’s not forget about the Vault – a contract that slurps up a percentage from all transactions, NFT purchases, sales, and buys. On the illustrious day of the election, this Vault will be flung open. Its fate? Determined by our blockchain democracy.

But this isn’t solely about tokens and blockchain. We’re marching a step further. Envision this: we all stride, side-by-side, towards the digital Valhalla, our uproarious laughter echoing as we plunge into the side-splitting memeverse we’ve designed. The cherry on top? With our burgeoning customer base, the nominees won’t be able to ignore us.

That’s right, we’re stirring the pot and rolling out the red carpet, inviting them into our memeverse homestead. It’s a tantalizing invitation, one that all contenders will struggle to turn down. After all, who could resist participating in the most jubilant and laugh-out-loud election series?

So, strap in and get ready for an unforgettable journey. Our mission is to transform this election season into a riot of laughter – in the absolute best sense. The White House might be home to their President, but the Blockchain is about to inaugurate its own. Let the meme games begin!