Please remain vigilant against potential scams. Keep in mind, the administrative team of our PMT crypto platform will never request your wallet keys or seed phrases. The safeguarding of these details is crucial for the security of your assets.

In addition, please note that we do not offer individual customer support. Our dedicated team of administrators assists users solely through public chat forums and will never initiate a private conversation. The safety and trust of our community is our utmost priority. Please stay safe and always verify information through our official channels.

  1. Who is the team behind PMT and are they doxxed? Our core smart contract developer is _. The team has gone through certain private KYCs but we are not publicly ‘doxxed’. We believe in the principles of decentralization, therefore we are working towards transforming TrumpvBiden into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

  2. What’s the use case of PMT token? PMT serves as a meme-style token on our platform, trumpvbiden. As a holder, you can participate in various activities and initiatives powered by the platform.

  3. Is the liquidity locked? Yes, our protocol’s liquidity is locked. We understand the importance of securing our user’s assets and have made sure to take all the necessary security measures.

  4. I can’t sell/buy. What slippage do I need? Please set your slippage to 9%. If that doesn’t work, try increasing it to 10%. Remember to use whole numbers for better results.

  5. I can’t connect my MetaMask wallet via mobile to the dApp. We recommend using the MetaMask’s app internal browser for mobile connections.

  6. What’s the address of the smart contract, the Vault, and the Liquidity Pool? Please refer to the official documentation and channels for these addresses. Be aware of scammers providing false information.

  7. Why does the #1 holder have so much supply? The #1 holder is the development fund, it is used for future development and growth of the PMT ecosystem.

  8. Are you planning to get listed on a centralized exchange? We are open to getting listed on any centralized exchange that supports our tokenomics. We expect to submit applications in Jan 2024, but not sooner.

  9. What are the transaction taxes? There’s an 8% tax on every transaction. refer to tokenomics for explanation of these fees and taxes

  10. Why is the circulating supply increasing? The PMT in the development/community wallet is considered as locked supply and therefore out of circulation. When PMT is transferred out of that wallet, for events or payments, the circulating supply will increase.

  11. What happens if I have tokens in my wallet and lose my private keys or seed phrase? Do I still receive the vault rewards? Unfortunately, no. When the vault opens on November 5th, 2024, all transactions must be claimed manually. If you lose your private keys or seed phrase, you will lose access to your wallet and consequently, the ability to claim these rewards. Even the developers have no access to individual vaults. Therefore, there is no chance to retrieve the funds. They will remain unclaimed indefinitely. Remember, safeguarding your private keys and seed phrases is crucial for the security of your assets.

  12. What is a vault and how does it work? The vault is a crucial component of our PMT ecosystem. Essentially, it operates as a ‘piggy bank’ for the platform, accumulating a one of the following premier digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), and USDC through collected transaction taxes. This accumulation process is continually active until Election Day, November 5th, 2024, when the time-locked vault is set to open. On this day, the accumulated wealth within the vault is distributed to PMT token holders through a manual claim process.

  13. What is the vault APY and how is it calculated? Vault APY is the average annual percentage yield for the asset growth per year. It’s calculated based on vault growth and deflation rates minus the cost of holding, subject to many variables as well as what asset we purchase and what fund we place it with.

  14. What happens to the liquidity, and who provides it? When PMT was initially launched, liquidity was provided by the founding team. This liquidity is stored in a temporary contract, ensuring secure and efficient trading on decentralized exchanges. Following the launch, the protocol was designed to be self-sustaining; transaction fees contribute to the liquidity pool, thus adding to the liquidity over time. As for what happens to the liquidity, it is routinely added back into the Liquidity Pools (LPs). This practice ensures that there’s always enough liquidity for trading and that price stability is maintained to the highest extent possible in such a dynamic market. As of the current contract date, we are working on the complete scope of tokenomics for the LP pools, including profit distributions and incentive structures. While the specifics are yet to be established, the ultimate goal is to create a balanced and sustainable ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders. We aim to provide further clarity and details around this topic sometime in September 2023. We greatly appreciate your patience and look forward to providing updates that can further enhance the value proposition of holding and trading PMT tokens.