User Guide – Blockchain Protocol and Services

We are pleased to introduce our newly implemented “Protocol and Services” section on our website. This section incorporates a variety of comprehensive flow charts, designed to elucidate the various components of our operation and the blockchain services we provide.

Our primary objective is to provide investors, clients, and the community at large with a straightforward, user-friendly understanding of our protocol and its distinctive features. Our bespoke flow charts cover a wide range of areas, from the foundational concepts to the intricate details of our operations.

Herein, you will find explanations of:

  1. Smart Contracts: We understand that smart contracts are the cornerstone of many blockchain operations, and our flow chart simplifies this complex subject. The chart displays the process of creating, implementing, and executing smart contracts in our system.

  2. Distribution and Voting Protocol: To ensure transparency and fairness in our operations, we utilize a robust voting protocol. Our flow chart provides an easy-to-follow guide on how distribution is influenced by community voting, maintaining the decentralization integral to blockchain technology.

  3. Tokenomics & Fees: Our tax structure around our token economy is depicted in a detailed flowchart. This chart aims to provide an understanding of how the system operates and what impacts it may have on your investments and potential earnings.

  4. Pre-sale and Completion Steps: For clients and institutions interested in our development services, we offer an exhaustive flow chart that outlines the steps for pre-sale, along with what to expect after the completion of the pre-sale.


Our aim with this interactive guide is not only to educate but also to instill confidence in our system. The flow charts provide an easy and efficient way for all users to grasp our protocols and to understand how we operate. The information will assist potential clients in making informed decisions about hiring us for the development of bespoke voting protocols catered to their specific needs.

We anticipate that this section of our website will be beneficial and informative, providing a clear pathway for understanding our blockchain services. However, the “Protocol and Services” section is a work in progress. As we continue to evolve and innovate, we plan to update and expand this section over the coming months, ensuring it remains a current and reliable resource.

We thank you for your interest and invite you to explore our new “Protocol and Services” section. Your feedback is always welcome, and we remain at your disposal for any further questions or clarifications.


  1. Smart Contracts: Recognizing the pivotal role smart contracts play in numerous blockchain operations, we’ve developed an illustrative flow chart to simplify this often complex subject. Our flow chart details the journey of smart contract creation, implementation, and execution within our system. It shows how these autonomous, self-executing contracts are encoded with predefined rules and stipulations that ensure every step of the voting process is verifiable, tamper-resistant, and securely recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. This transparency extends to our token distribution mechanism, the locking of tokens during voting, and the final execution based on voting results, underlining the trustworthiness of our off-chain to on-chain voting protocol. Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of smart contracts and unravel the technical intricacies that power our revolutionary voting system, set for launch between Q4 2023 and Q1 2024.
  1. Distribution and Voting Protocol: We are proud to introduce our comprehensive voting protocol, designed to prioritize transparency and fairness in all operations. Our illustrative flow chart demystifies the process, explaining how community voting impacts token distribution, thus upholding the core principle of decentralization inherent in blockchain technology. This specific flow chart delineates the unique voting procedure for government bodies, corporate entities, and other business types seeking to leverage our proprietary off-chain to on-chain voting protocol. Set to revolutionize the voting landscape, our system combines the trustworthiness of on-chain verification with the cost-effectiveness and scalability of off-chain operations. A game-changer in blockchain-based voting solutions, our protocol ensures all votes are auditable, secure, and devoid of any manipulation. Set to launch between Q4 2023 and Q1 2024, our system promises to deliver an unprecedented level of integrity and accessibility in the voting process.
  1. Tokenomics & Fees: For complete transparency around our token economy, we’ve crafted a comprehensive flowchart that depicts the tax structure, transactional fees, and distribution process involved in our system. This chart unravels the financial intricacies involved in the sales of our tokens, NFTs, and vault distributions. A key feature is the highlighted yellow box, denoting a 6% tax category marked ‘OTHER.’ This portion carries over to a subsequent chart, detailing the allocation of this tax – with 4% directed to the developer’s wallet and the remaining 2% slated for burning. This strategic burning mechanism serves to reduce the overall token supply over time, potentially increasing the value of remaining tokens. This flowchart aims to provide a clear understanding of how our system operates and how it could impact your investments and potential earnings. Gain insights into the fiscal mechanics powering our revolutionary off-chain to on-chain voting protocol, set for a launch between Q4 2023 and Q1 20243.
  1. Token Launch & Tax Allocation: Our fourth flowchart offers a transparent view of PMT’s presidential token launch, along with the corresponding tax structure. An 8% tax is levied on each transaction, with the distribution split as follows: 2% funneled to the vault for ensuring liquidity, 4% allocated to the developers’ wallet, and the final 2% dispatched to a dedicated burn wallet, designed to gradually decrease token supply, thereby potentially increasing its value.

    This tax allocation incorporates the 6% tax depicted in the previous flowchart – not an additional fee but an extension to illustrate the comprehensive tax structure.

    The flowchart further outlines the purposeful distribution from the developers’ wallet. A 5% portion is assigned to cover costs related to NFT minting and any subsequent fees, thereby facilitating a smooth and uninterrupted minting process.

    Our resource management strategy also earmarks a liquidity pool for diverse operational facets. A significant 70% is dedicated to operational costs, encompassing system maintenance, improvements, UI development for the voting protocol, and smart contract creation, along with staff salaries and business funding expenses, which are expected to be considerable during the smart contract development phase. Additionally, 10% is reserved for listing on centralized exchanges, enhancing accessibility for potential token holders. The remaining 5% is channeled into marketing efforts to widen our reach and ensure the triumphant roll-out of our off-chain to on-chain voting protocol.

    Through this flowchart, we aim to dispel any complexities around our tokenomics, providing investors with a clear understanding of our operational dynamics and ensuring absolute transparency. Aligned with our project roadmap, we anticipate a flawless launch between Q4 2023 and Q1 2024.