Understanding the Pre-Sale Launch of Our Governance Token


We are thrilled to introduce an innovative approach to our upcoming token pre-sale, set to launch on June 16th. The design of our contract is masterfully crafted to offer maximum advantage to our early investors. This launch will proceed in 10 meticulously planned phases, with unique token offerings, price settings, availability, and wallet caps for each phase. Importantly, there are no restrictions on purchases through both Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH) chains, albeit there are respective caps for each.

  • Phase Details

For instance, Phase 1 has a launch price of 0.000075, with 2.5 billion tokens available. The maximum limit for wallet purchases is set to 5 million tokens. However, each chain permits purchases up to the wallet limit. Therefore, you can potentially acquire 5 million tokens on the BSC chain and another 5 million on the Ethereum chain, given the availability of tokens at the price. After the successful sale of these 2.5 billion tokens, we proceed to Phase 2, where the price increases to 0.000080, with the available tokens rising to 5 billion and a 7,500,000 wallet limit.

  • Increasing Value

As we progress from Phase 1 through Phase 10, the launch price and end price, as well as the available tokens, show considerable variance. The initial launch price of 0.000075 escalates to 0.00015 by Phase 10, marking a 100% increase. This enables early investors to secure potential profits. However, the contract ensures that each phase has a limited amount of available tokens, curbing the chances of a major selloff at launch and protecting the token price from drastic depreciation. This safeguards the interests of investors joining in later phases. With each advancing phase, the token price increases, and so does the cap on per wallet purchases.

  • Post Phase 10 Scenario

In the rare occurrence that tokens remain unsold after Phase 10, they will be dispatched to the burn wallet. The total supply of tokens at launch will be 100 billion, and any unsold tokens will be deducted from this figure and forwarded to the burn wallet.

  • Claiming Tokens

After you’ve successfully completed a pre-sale purchase, you’ll have to wait until Phase 10 concludes to claim your tokens via our website. Notably, BSC chain buyers will need to claim their tokens on the Ethereum network and bear the associated gas fees. Ensure you have sufficient funds to cover this cost.

  • Voting Mechanism

Another crucial aspect of our governance token is its voting mechanism. Once Phase 10 concludes and you claim your tokens, you’ll be presented with two voting options. Each vote incurs a fee of 10,000 PMT, which will be deducted from your purchase amount. For example, if you purchased 500,000 pre-sale tokens, you’d claim 490,000 after voting. Your vote removes the corresponding token amount from the total supply of 100 billion, sent to the burn wallet. This reduction of the total token supply has the potential to increase the token’s value.

Please note, you can only vote and claim tokens once per wallet, and you cannot claim or vote using a different wallet from the one used for the pre-sale purchase. If you lose access to your wallet, those tokens will remain unclaimed indefinitely.

  • Chart Updates

In the chart provided below, you may notice several blank columns and fields marked as ‘TBD’ (To Be Determined). These spaces will be updated on a phase-by-phase basis. As we conclude each phase and are able to calculate the relevant figures, these fields will be updated accordingly. This approach ensures transparency and provides insightful details about the project, allowing investors to gauge interest and monitor the progress of the pre-sale.

  • Need Assistance?

We hope this clarifies our pre-sale procedure. If you have further questions or need assistance, please reach out to us via our Discord or Telegram channels. For an easier understanding of our tokenomics, we highly recommend viewing the detailed chart below, outlining the various pre-sale phases.

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