Tax & Deflation

Deflationary and constant burn mechanics enable our project to grow and prosper. Read up on our amazing tokenomics and protocol that is designed to sustain long-term growth.

Project Economics and Token Distribution:

  • Burn Wallet: Serving as a crucial element of our deflationary protocol, the Burn Wallet plays an essential role in the project’s tokenomics. It enforces a unique rule where each vote cast in the presidential elections mandates a token burn of 10,000 PMT, thereby curbing the total supply of tokens. Furthermore, it gains a 2% allocation from all buy and sell transactions and a 2% share of all NFT commission fees, reinforcing the deflationary attributes of the token.

  • Developer Wallet: Our dedicated team emphasizes long-term growth and sustainability of the project. In support of this commitment, the Developer Wallet accumulates 4% of all buy and sell transactions, as well as 4% of all NFT commission fees. These resources are vital for the constant development and efficient operation of our platform.

NFT Economy:

  • We provide a streamlined and affordable process for minting NFTs via the Binance Smart Chain. Users bear only the minor gas fee, generally less than $0.10. The Developer Wallet fully takes care of the minting cost.

  • Every NFT sale on our platform triggers a 10% transaction tax. This tax is strategically dispersed to strengthen different aspects of our ecosystem:

    • 2% is contributed to a charity, chosen through community voting
    • 4% is reinvested into the Developer Fund
    • 2% is credited back to the original minter’s wallet as a creator’s reward
    • 2% is directed to the Vault

Deflationary Mechanism:

  • We incorporate a unique deflationary protocol linked to the project’s voting mechanism. Each member wallet can cast a single vote for the 2024 election at a cost of 10,000 PMT. For other governance votes, the cost is trimmed to 1,000 PMT. Given the presale launch price, this equates to approximately $0.65 per vote. This method not only motivates member participation but also directly contributes to the token’s deflation by reducing the circulating supply. Crucially, each vote ensures 100% of the used tokens are transferred to the Burn Wallet.

Our tactical approach to tokenomics and platform economics promotes a balanced and sustainable ecosystem that concurrently propels our project’s growth and presents a deflationary token model for our community.