Token Economics

Basic Information:

Pre-Sale Start: June 16, 2023

Pre-Sale End: TBD, After Phase 10 is completed, expect mid September.

Pre-Sale Launch Token Supply:

  • DJT v. JRB: 100 Billion (An overage of tokens will be available in the pre-sale. This is to allow a more one-sided choice, should there be a need, based on who purchases through ETH and BSC. Our smart contract is designed in such a way that once sales approach the 100 billion mark, plus or minus 5 million, the sale will end. This applies to both chains; when the limit is reached, both will stop and no further orders will be permitted.)

Post-Launch Total Supply: 100 Billion PMT (Presidential Meme Token)

  • 10 Billion Tokens Retained for Devs, Contests, Giveaways, and Centralized Exchange (CEX) Launches

Vault Asset: To be voted on by community 4th quarter 2023

Scheduled Vault Opening Date: November 5, 2024

  • Launch Token: PMT (Presidential Meme Token)
  • Tax: 8% (2% burn, 4% dev, 2% vault). Tax applies only after the launch.
  • NFT: Minting is free, a 10% commission is charged on sales.
  • NFT Tax Distribution: 2% goes to burn, 4% to development, and 4% to the vault.
  • Smart Contract: TBD.

Initial Distribution:

  • Total: 100B tokens
  • Airdrop: 90B to pre-sale buyers (unsold tokens go to Burn Wallet)
  • Dev Fund: 10B for contests, giveaways, LP, and CEX launches