The Vault:

  • Asset Selection: The community will vote in 4th quarter 2023 to determine the assets to be deposited into the Vault. This will be the first community vote, and participation will require 1000 PMT tokens.

  • Scheduled Vault Opening Date: The Vault is set to open on Election Night, November 5, 2024.

The Vault serves as a crucial repository where transaction fees accumulate, functioning like a savings bank for the community. Its contents are set for release on Election Night, November 5, 2024. Our governance voting protocols empower the community to influence the Vault’s operation and distribution, underscoring our commitment to community involvement in key project decisions.

Sources of Vault Deposits:

  • 2% of all buy and sell transactions involving PMT tokens
  • 2% of all commission fees from the sale of NFTs

In the 4th quart 2023, the community will vote to determine the type of asset that the Vault’s funds will be used to purchase. Options range from conservative choices such as wBTC, wETH, BNB, and BUSD to more adventurous alternatives like DOGE or SHIB (as an example).

As Election Day nears, the community will be invited to vote on the most suitable way to distribute the contents of the Vault. A variety of ideas and suggestions will be presented, ensuring the use of the Vault’s funds aligns with the desires and interests of our community members.

Vault Contract:

The Vault contract is time-locked and immutable, meaning it cannot be revoked or altered. The contract will only unlock on November 5, 2024. The contract’s source code and specific details will be provided once the community vote determines which asset to lock up. Until then, the funds will reside in a general multi-signature wallet and be transferred to the time-locked wallet once the vote concludes.