Community Voting:

    Democracy is at the core of our platform, going beyond mere elections to ensure each member of our community has an active role in shaping the project’s journey. We value your voice, your vote, and your vision, and we’re here to make sure these elements contribute to the long-term success and growth of our project.

    We aim to turn decision-making into a community activity. Every key move, be it related to project strategies or adjustments to contracts or percentage ratios, will be put forth for a community vote. These votes extend to a range of areas, including but not limited to decisions about potential NFT projects, the developers fund, the bond wallet, our charity efforts, and alterations to the cost of voting mechanisms.

    Vote Icon

    We’re committed to transparency and inclusivity. You can cast your votes directly through our homepage Remember, each vote requires tokens – 1,000 tokens for regular decisions and 10,000 tokens for election participation.

    Election voting timelines will mirror real-world ones, with some flexibility for our unique crypto community. As of now, the voting for the presidential election will begin in early September 2024, reflecting the start of early voting in several states. We will also have primary election day votes. This voting schedule aligns with the election timeline, with voting concluding at 9 PM Pacific Standard Time on November 5.

    Additionally, we’ll host voting to decide on the opening of the presidential election voting. Be prepared for some thrilling political surprises – who knows, we may even see a rematch between Trump and Hillary!

    Each voting period, except for the election night, will run for seven days. Detailed information about other decisions such as NFT projects, the start and end of voting periods, and other specific matters will always be made available here for the community.

    Remember, your voice and your vote are vital to this project. Let’s shape our crypto journey together, one vote at a time.