In this comprehensive document, we unpack the innovative elements of PMT. Our focus is on developing a fair, self-sustaining, and engaging ecosystem that can easily adapt to the ever-changing economic and technological landscapes. The paper details the unique monetary policy, a robust reserve system, the issue of inelasticity in fixed supply tokens, the initiation and culmination of deflationary cycles, and the calculation and generation of yield.

Finally, we lay out our roadmap for the future, underscoring our commitment to persistent development and expansion. It’s important to note that the evolution of PMT isn’t limited to merely presidential voting. Our vision encompasses a much broader perspective. Our goal is to bring long-term, mass voting to the general public with unprecedented ease, transparency, and security, all empowered by blockchain technology.

The future of PMT is exciting and filled with endless possibilities. As we expand, the boundaries of what we can achieve with this protocol are limitless. We’re set on a journey to redefine democratic participation, making it more accessible, enjoyable, and verifiable. All the while, we’re committed to ensuring this journey is not only impactful but also fun-filled, one democratic vote at a time, all on the blockchain.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Unique monetary policy
  • Robust reserve system
  • Issue of inelasticity in fixed supply tokens
  • Initiation and culmination of deflationary cycles
  • Calculation and generation of yield
  • Roadmap for the future
  • Evolution of PMT
  • Goal for long-term, mass voting
  • Future of PMT
  • Redefining democratic participation
  • Risks for conventional DeFi token holders
  • Unsustainability of conventional DeFi projects

1) Introduction

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) tokens have quickly become the bedrock of financial applications operating on blockchain networks. Their function mirrors that of traditional banking and finance but eliminates the need for intermediaries such as banks. Rather than relying on these centralized entities, the system places its trust in code – smart contracts – deployed on blockchain networks that can perform various operations without a third party.

1.1) The Current State of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

However, there are significant risks for conventional DeFi token holders, especially those seeking high returns from staking or yield platforms. These risks can include the loss of control over their holdings, flawed smart contracts with potential bugs, hacks, or backdoors, and drastic market condition fluctuations. Furthermore, they often deal with an immature token economy primarily backed by its underlying token and experimental utility, contributing to the unsustainability of these projects.

This, coupled with high gas costs and a myriad of required transactions, exposes the system to errors and unnecessary expenses. Consequently, this raises the barrier for public adoption due to the associated financial risks, unprofitable trades, and general distrust stemming from high fraud rates and unregulated markets.

Through the development of frictionless yield generation, DeFi has become more accessible. The system streamlines user interactions via automation and rewards token holders through protocol tax redistribution (reflection). However, the uneven distribution of rewards, the lack of stability of the protocol’s ecosystem, and the inability to update smart contract logic persist. Additionally, there is a growing need for a more effective long-term marketing strategy to encourage mass adoption.

1.2) PMT’s Innovative Solution

Our solution, TrumpVsBiden PMT Token, offers an innovative approach that amalgamates the advantages of constant, easily accessible, profitable rewards and an intricate monetary policy. This allows the protocol ecosystem to remain healthy in all market conditions where other tokens may struggle. To add a playful twist, we have incorporated meme-inspired artwork design and enlisted a highly motivated, well-connected team to support our upgradeable contract.

TrumpVsBiden PMT Token caters to various investment strategies, providing a reliable financial tool for holders and traders alike. It offers protection during turbulent markets and serves as a speculative instrument for different investment horizons. This system is more than a serious financial tool; it brings an element of fun to the blockchain world through our unique “TrumpVsBiden” token.

2.0) The Whitepaper Roadmap

  • The subsequent sections delve deeper into the TrumpVsBiden PMT Token, presenting an architectural overview and unique features like vote to burn, vote to earn, and mint NFTs to earn.
  • We also touch upon the launch process of the Presidential Meme Token, yield generation and staking.
  • We then propose a long-term development strategy, concluding with a legal disclaimer.

3.0) Architectural Overview

The Presidential Meme Token is designed to collaborate with smart contract platforms supporting complex smart contracts and reasonable gas costs. Our token emphasizes flexibility, ensuring an upgradeable system.

Where different components can be replaced as better techniques arise or to tackle unforeseen challenges in the complex smart contract logic.

The protocol logic is based on three key pillars: management, policy, and volume.

4.0) Management

This aspect enables token holders to:

  • Add liquidity to the “in-house” LP on Uniswap
  • Earn rewards generated by protocol features
  • Launch the protocol when conditions are met

4.1) Policy

The Presidential Meme Token protocol has been crafted to:

  • Ensure flexibility, stability, and execution of vital functionalities
  • Facilitate ‘Vote to Burn’, ‘Vote to Earn’, and ‘Mint NFTs to Earn’ functionalities
  • Maintain a locked time contract vault for reward accumulation, set to open on November 5th, 2024
  • Implement features to reduce supply while increasing token value

4.2) Volume

The Presidential Meme Token ecosystem ensures:

  • All sells, buys, and transfers contribute to the overall yield and holder reward generation
  • Acceleration of the protocol value
  • Tax collection and deflation of the Presidential Meme Token supply

5) General Overview

  • Presidential Meme Token (PMT) protocol is a community-driven platform that fuels active participation through features such as ‘Vote to Burn’, ‘Vote to Earn’, and ‘Mint NFTs to Earn’. Additionally, token holders can look forward to a buildup of rewards in a time-locked contract vault, scheduled to open on November 5th, 2024.
  • We aim to become an essential resource for electoral departments not only in the US but worldwide. Our vision is to provide bespoke contract creation for their Respective Candidate
  • Our approach is simple and efficient: candidates relay their requirements, we suggest enhancements and alterations, receive approval, and then deploy the contract. Subsequently, we involve our community in the voting process.
  • This platform offers a unique opportunity for electoral departments to gauge the sentiment of online voters ahead of official elections. We can customize our contracts to cater to US clients exclusively, ensuring an accurate representation of domestic sentiment. Alternatively, international entities could use our contracts to capture a snapshot of public opinion.
  • This system presents enormous potential. Every vote, which costs 1000 PMT, not only stimulates user participation but also effectively takes these tokens out of circulation. This mechanism, in turn, continually drives the token value upwards. This constant evolution and adaptability, in conjunction with voting opportunities, combine to form an ever-growing, robust ecosystem with limitless possibilities.

6) Single Asset Vault Staking

On November 5th, 2024, our time-locked vault will open its doors to all PMT holders. The proportion of non-correlated assets each holder can claim will be determined by their share in the PMT supply.

7) Yield Generation & Single Asset Vault Combined

The SAV (Single Asset Vault) APY (Annual Percentage Yield) will be computed based on the growth rate of the PMT reserve in the SAV, the holding cost of PMT (accounting for wallet resets), and the total PMT deflation over a standard 30-day period, compounded annually.

Our intention is to maximize yield, hence we plan to utilize the most efficient yield generators available in the market. Be it Binance, Aave, KuCoin, or OKX, it will be a decision made by the community through our established voting system, costing 1000 PMT per vote, in line with our voting protocol.

While the impending Bitcoin halving event in 2024 might position BTC as an attractive option, the final decision will be in the hands of our community. This decision will be one of the first voting options on our platform.

8) Staking

PMT offers holders a unique and single-sided staking solution that remains consistent with our hyper-deflationary principles. The key driving factors of this program include:

  • 8.1) Zero Additional Token Minting
    We have firmly set the token supply to 100 billion PMT, with 90% having been sold during the presale phase. There will be no further minting of PMT tokens, thereby solidifying the scarcity of the token and preventing inflation.
  • 8.2) Earning Additional Tokens
    Although there won’t be additional token minting, holders have the opportunity to earn more PMT tokens through farming and providing Liquidity (LP). The required smart contracts for these processes will be introduced at a later stage. While the annual percentage rate (APR) for these methods will be reasonable, we promise that it will not be outrageous, aligning with our commitment to maintaining the token’s value.
    The tokens to be used for farming and LP provision will be sourced from the development wallet and will also be used to bootstrap the liquidity pool. Detailed information on the LP pools and their release date will be provided once the token is up and running and has gained significant traction and support.
  • 8.3) Staking Options and Rewards
    Our staking solution will only utilize reputable or “blue-chip” pairs to further assure the security and stability of the staking process.
    Apart from the standard staking methods, we’ll also introduce a unique feature: the ability to stake your NFTs. The rewards for staking NFTs will be based on their XP (Experience Points) – the higher the XP, the greater the rewards. Again, while the rewards will be attractive, they won’t be excessive as our primary focus is to ensure the staking process is enjoyable without compromising the value of the PMT token.

Our immediate focus is to finalize the vault so it can start accruing compounding rewards. The longer the vault runs, the more rewards it generates. We aim to make our platform not only fun and engaging but also economically rewarding for PMT holders.

9) Long-Term Technical Strategy

Our long-term technical strategy for PMT is anchored in four primary directions:

  • 9.1) Online Blockchain Voting Protocol
    Our primary objective is to establish ourselves as the leading online blockchain voting protocol worldwide. Leveraging the unique capabilities of blockchain technology, we aim to make the voting process more transparent, secure, and accessible to all. We plan to integrate our unique ‘Vote to Earn’ system into various democratic processes, from local community decisions to national elections. This will make our protocol attractive for other democratic countries looking for reliable and efficient paperless voting solutions.
  • 9.2) Infrastructure Changes
    To ensure our protocol can handle the influx of new users and applications, we will need to undertake significant infrastructure changes. These improvements will focus on scalability, security, and seamless integration with other blockchain systems. We will also ensure our infrastructure remains agile, adapting to the changing needs and expectations of our users and the wider blockchain community.
  • 9.3) General Expansion
    We believe that the best way to drive adoption of our protocol is through continuous expansion and improvement. To this end, we plan to collaborate with other DApps, applications, and platforms to extend our ecosystem. We anticipate our unique ‘Vote to Earn’ system and established policies will draw various players from the blockchain space, enhancing the dynamism and functionality of our platform.
  • 9.4) Gamification & NFT Art
    Despite our serious ambitions, we recognize the value of fun and engagement in promoting our protocol. As such, we intend to delve into the realm of gamification and NFT Art. By intertwining these elements with our voting system, we can create a more interactive and enjoyable user experience. Not only will this stimulate user engagement, but it will also serve as a unique form of reward, further incentivizing participation in our protocol.

By focusing on these four directions, we anticipate PMT will become a vital tool for democratizing and digitalizing the voting process on a global scale, while also creating a unique, rewarding experience for all users.

10) Legal Disclaimer and Risk Caution

Trading of cryptocurrencies is a high-risk activity and is intended only for experienced professionals who are familiar with blockchain technology, cryptocurrency trading, and trading in other marketing tools. By participating in trading a crypto asset of any project, the Buyer is aware of and accepts the risks related to security, possible failure to achieve technical and economic results and total or partial loss of its capital.

11) The Vote-to-Decide Option for Companies

In line with our vision of a versatile, democratic ecosystem, we will introduce the ‘Vote-to-Decide’ option for companies. Imagine if companies like Coca-Cola had access to blockchain technology during the introduction of New Coke, they could have released a smart contract and have users vote on their preference, offering a small fee for participation. The result? Real-time, user-friendly, and pinpoint accurate feedback.

This feature can extend to a variety of sectors. For instance, artists could poll for potential tour locations, allowing even their fan base to join in on the voting process. Local communities could have their say on matters like school board re-zoning. Even car manufacturers could gauge public opinion on upcoming models or trim and color preferences.

The ‘Vote-to-Decide’ option can effectively serve as a turnkey solution for any business or entity wanting to deploy a voting system. It eliminates the need to invest time and resources into creating one’s proprietary voting mechanisms. The beauty of this system is in its versatility and ability to cater to any conceivable scenario.

This service is not only useful but also contributes to the PMT ecosystem. Every vote cast results in the burning of more PMT, thus consistently increasing the token’s value. Though the name PMT might evolve over time, the core principles remain the same: empowering the people through voting rights and promoting an engaged, democratic community. The PMT protocol is the new frontier in combining blockchain technology With Democratic Decision-Making enabling everyone to have a say in matters that directly affect them.

12. Conclusion:

The TrumpVsBiden PMT Token offers a unique and innovative approach to DeFi tokens, combining constant, profitable rewards with an intricate monetary policy. With features like ‘Vote to Burn’, ‘Vote to Earn’, and ‘Mint NFTs to Earn’, the protocol fosters active participation and engagement.

The platform aims to revolutionize the voting process by becoming a leading online blockchain voting protocol, providing transparency, security, and accessibility to democratic processes worldwide. Through long-term development strategies, including infrastructure changes, general expansion, and integration with gamification and NFT Art, the PMT ecosystem strives to redefine democratic participation and create a rewarding experience for its users.

However, it is crucial to note that trading cryptocurrencies involves high risks, and participants should be aware of and accept these risks.

Overall, the TrumpVsBiden PMT Token presents a promising vision for the future of decentralized finance and democratic decision-making.